DIR Cooperative Contract Number: DIR-TSO-2527

AmberNet Technologies Inc. offers IP Address Management software to state agencies, local and county governments and school districts at discounted rates through DIR's Cooperative Contracts Program.

IP Resource Manager (IPRM)

Experience the Benefits of IPRM!

  • Centralize the management of your critical IP Resources and Services to significantly improve availability and utilization
  • Manage you IPv4 and IPv6 public and private networks & subnets from one place, creating a database of record for IP address space objects
  • Manage your domain names and DNS/DHCP servers from one place, creating a database of record for names and servers
  • Delegate management of Subnets to other organizations without losing control
  • Integrate IP Resource Manager with your end-to-end business workflows to increase automation and provisioning/configuration efficiency
  • Deploy an extensible IP Resource Management platform that does not lock you into expensive vendor software customizations

Placing An Order

To request a quote or place a purchase order, please contact (use the Statement of Work template and include the minimum suggested items):
  • Contact: Troy Halford
  • Telephone #: 972-707-4001
  • Fax #: 972-314-0800
  • Email Address: sales@ambernettech.com
  • Address: 2727 LBJ Freeway, Suite 322, Dallas, TX 75234

Warranty & Returns

AmberNet Technologies Inc. warrants that Software, if properly installed and operated on a compatible platform, provided and adequately maintained by Licensee, will function substantially as described in its accompanying user documentation for a warranty period of 90 days, which begins on the date the Software is delivered to Licensee. If any item of Software fails to so function during its warranty period, Licensee's exclusive remedy under this warranty and AmberNet's sole obligation and liability is for AmberNet to provide a fix, patch or workaround for the problem which may be included in a future Software Release.