CloudTruOps for Businesses, Government, and Managed Service Providers
Ecosystem Management Software

CloudTruOps is an ecosystem management platform that helps accelerate the adoption of cloud and digital services. CloudTruOps is a highly scalable software platform that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to control and manage all aspects of cloud/digital service consumption, operation, governance, and audit across the entire enterprise ecosystem. CloudTruOps is designed to manage the cloud & digital services “DNA” of the enterprise. We use “smart” software to automatically recognize, register, and store DNA in a centralized repository. We then use some innovative engineering to infuse the DNA with attributes, policies, behaviors, and access controls that provide ecosystem awareness - Ecosystem DNA (eDNA). Armed with eDNA CloudTruOps is ready to help you M.O.C.K. the Cloud! Migrate, Operate, Control Cost, and Bridge the Knowledge gap create by Cloud and Digital Services.

We use new innovations, tons of pre-built functionality, software intelligence, and advanced engineering to create highly personalized “On-Demand” solutions that help customers leverage hybrid infrastructure faster, smarter, with increased scale, scope, velocity, and value.

We centralize application & workload migration activities so you can speed up innovation and modernization efforts by working multiple projects at the same time, and still reduce timeframes and manual overhead. We create a highly efficient repeatable standardized methodology that dramatically lowers overall project costs and enables margin based business models to flourish.

CloudTruOps is also designed to handle “enterprise enablement” by removing legacy barriers, bottlenecks & complexity, our ability to integrate, orchestrate & chain together the virtual and physical world allows for massive reduction of manual efforts and fall out across the entire enterprise.

We provide a fully productized solution that uses customer policies, compliance and governance standards to configure highly personalized customer experiences that can be managed in real time with dynamic control & “On-Demand” Business Intelligence.
ClousTruOps has a powerful n-tier architecture that enables a complete software defined experience with full functional virtualization. CloudTruOps can seamlessly scale from very small installations to very large installations with multiple cloud or network points of integration without the need to deploy agents into the cloud or network. The CloudTruOps user interface has a unique “appliance” look and feel with menus that automatically adjust based on the ecosystem user’s role, permissions, and organization.

We make it simple to design, configure & deploy highly personalized solutions and deploy them to ten’s of thousands of constituents all using a single Point & Click menu-driven GUI. We remove "the belly" of transformation overhead and create agility and control!

A Growing Ecosystem...
The digital services ecosystem is not static. As you modernize and move new workloads to the cloud, or deploy newer 21st century technologies for mobility, SDN (Software Defined Networking), or NFV (Network Function Virtualization) the management ecosystem grows. Without an Ecosystem Manager you end up with technology silos, which become impediments to the gains promised by these technologies. With CloudTruOps you have a platform that is purpose built to adapt, learn, and grow as your digital services footprint grows. CloudTruOps unique business process management and integration engine makes it easy to integrate with newer technologies and systems. We have built a platform that can be extended along multiple dimensions to support the growth of your ecosystem.
Application Blueprints
Moving Applications into the cloud? Use our blueprinting capabilities to quickly and visually design the complete application stack. Then validate your design and deploy! No need to code, script, model, or maintain any code. That's how easy it should be...

Do you have complex multi-tier production grade applications? Most enterprises have hundreds of such applications. Using CloudTruOps you can design a blueprint for each application and then deploy as few or as many instances in the cloud as your developers, testers, or business users want. Blueprints can save your team hundreds of hours of coding, scripting, debugging and maintenance. That leads to happy teams and that's a good thing!
Automated Provisioning & Configuration
CloudTruOps automatically orchestrates, provisions, and activates cloud services. Users submit requests by ordering services from a Catalog. All requests are fully logged and persisted providing an adminstrator a complete audit trail of every transaction, every command or action, and every change. CloudTruOps also integrates with some of the leading configuration management tools (CHEF, Puppet*) to provide full lifecycle management of your cloud instances.
Multiple Clouds — Public, Private, Hybrid
CloudTruOps is architected to make cloud integration easy! We support multiple clouds and the list of supported clouds is a growing list. For any supported cloud, CloudTruOps discovers all your existing instances and provides the ability to perform compute, storage, and networking management functions for IaaS/PaaS services as well as the create, update, or decommision complete "application stacks". If we don't already support all your clouds don't worry, we have many different ways to close any gaps. You could be up and running in as little as a few weeks! CloudTruOps unique integration engine makes it easy to integrate with any cloud or 3rd party system. You even have the option of adding new integration points yourself using our Software Development Kit (SDK).
Amazon Web Services Open Stack Cloud Services
Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Azure
Side-By-Side Compare, Solution Designer, Brokerage Enablement
Cloud Service Brokers (CSBs) need the ability to show customers which cloud best meets their needs considering that price may not always be the topmost selection criteria. CSBs add value to the various cloud offers through service intermediation, aggregation or arbitrage. To enable these capabilities it is necessary to have a product catalog that not just offers the capability to request various services and products, but one that can connect the dots between products and actual offers and capabilities available from the various clouds in a rapid, on-demand fashion, without the need to code or script. With CloudTruOps eDNA and side-by-side compare you get just that!

CSBs and brokers also want the ability to design “IT solutions” that meet specific regulatory, security, and other technical criteria. The important thing is that this criteria can change or new criteria might need to be added. With new capabilities being released by cloud providers on a routine basis you are dealing with a dynamic environment where it is not practical (both from a time-to-market and cost perspective) to hire a bunch of programmers who will create an “IT solution” when you want it. You need an automated IT Solution Designer – point-and-click solution designs that can be rolled out quickly. With CloudTruOps eDNA Solution Designer you define questions and answers that provide vital information about user requirements and then turn those into multiple solution designs based on a variety of user criteria, application requirements, infrastructure requirements, security requirements, and risk profiles. All without any coding, or scripting!
Customized Storefronts
You have multiple business units or agencies that want to consume cloud. But each business unit has its own unique needs for the types of workloads that they want on the cloud, or have different governance policies and reporting requirements. No problem! Using CloudTruOps built-in multi-tenancy features each BU can have its own storefront and policies.
Configurable Catalog
Configurable catalog of cloud service offers per organization (or business unit), providing the ability to aggregate or intermediate cloud services. Define chargeback prices including one-time, recurring, and usage based prices. Define and test usage pricing policies using the designer GUI interface.
Autoscaling, Performance and Alarm Management
Define auto-scaling policies to automatically trigger scale-out and scale-in actions in the cloud based on predefined schedules or in response to utilization thresholds. View historical performance statistics and charts to identify issues and trends. View alarms and events or create alarm definitions and then choose to be notified when an alarm condition is satistied.
Storage Management
Manage your instance block storage. Take snapshots or backups. Allow your users to access object storage capabilities including uploading and downloading arbirtary objects into predefined storage buckets all from the same interface used to perform other management functions.
Chargeback & Showback Reports
CloudTruOps comes with over a hundred out-of-box reports for chargeback and showback. Run your reports on-demand and see how much money you are spending by budget code, by department, by project, by office, by cloud service this week, this month, last 6 months, etc. Report on utilization of your various cloud services and then determine if you need to terminate some workloads or increase resources for other workloads.
Integration APIs
CloudTruOps include an extensive set of APIs for ease of integration with internal or external systems. These include Ordering APIs, Cloud Inventory API, Resource Allocation API, and Inventory Management API.
Java Software Development Kit (SDK)
CloudTruOps is an extensible platform to manage cloud services. This means 3rd parties can extend the capabilities of CloudTruOps using the provided SDK. Alternately, Ambernet Professional Services can be used to extend the out-of-box capabilities.
Next-Generation IP Address Management
In today’s networked world — anytime, anywhere, using any communication device — access to your critical network and computing resources requires that you take a proactive approach to managing your IP Resources and Services. This includes your public and private address spaces, domain name space, and DNS/DHCP servers. Current IPAM tools in the market take a narrow Network-centric view of this problem. Indeed the majority (if not all) current vendors offer a mix of Network appliances and tools that are only simple improvements over using spreadsheets. CloudTruOps IP Management takes a more holistic view that integrates IPAM with the end-to-end business processes of an Enterprise or Service Provider, while integrating with network appliances from any 3rd party vendor. The ability to define, allocate, and report on your private (or public) address space and domain names across the entire enterprise and across all the different clouds in one place is truly powerful!