IT & Cloud Software Services

Cloud Services, Big Data, and new innovative internet enabled technologies are driving both incremental and transformational changes to IT systems. However, to reap the benefits systems must be transformed and key enabling technologies implemented. With direct experience helping both small and very large companies transform their internal operations and systems, AmberNet's Services teams can help you define your systems strategy & architecture, RFI/RFP generation, vendor evaluation & selection, Project/Program management, and Solution Definition and Implementation.

The AmberNet Software Services team consists of specialized product, industry, technology, process and software professionals who provide key value-added Consulting Services and Solutions that solve IT business problems. AmberNet project managers and solution architects work together to define the customer solution with customer and systems integrator staff. The Ambernet team is able to execute projects as the customer advocate (representing the customer), or as a sub-contractor to the prime contractor. Cloud projects typically involve the implementation of AmberNet’s product – CloudTruOps. AmberNet project managers and product experts provide cloud assessments of customer IT environments, and develop the most expeditious plan to implement and configure CloudTruOps within the customer environment.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions that solve specific problems are typically defined & developed on a turnkey basis, and then turned over to the customer. These solutions involve the application of specific skills and expertise covering Requirements Definition, Solution Architecture, System Design & Development, Test, Support, and Project/Program Management. In addition, AmberNet Technologies Inc. can leverage productized software assets within its Universal Service Enabling Platform (uSEP™) to reduce risk and time to market.

Requirements Definition

Using state-of-the-art requirements definition tools and an in-depth knowledge of communications/IT products, services and networks, our Consultants and Business Analysts create:

  • Use Case Models
  • Functional Requirements Specification (FRS)
  • Non-Functional Requirements Specification (NFRS)
  • Requirements Traceability and Verification Matrix

Solution Architecture

Highly experienced in IT/Telecom processes, architectures, information/data models (ITIL, SID), our architects can help you define:

  • High-level System Context Diagrams
  • Architecture Overview Diagrams
  • Operational/Deployment Architectures
  • Data Migration Architecture (if applicable)
  • System Component Model & Interaction Diagrams
  • System Interface Specifications
  • Logical Data Model Capability Model
  • System Performance Analysis and Tuning
  • Security Architectures

System Design & Development

Experienced Business Analysts, Architects, Software Engineers, and Project Managers using state-of-the-art Design, Development and Project Management tools will work with you to define:

  • Software Requirements Specifications
  • System Baseline Specification
  • Design Architecture Model
  • Detailed Design Specifications
  • Data Migration Design Specifications (if applicable)
  • Project Plan & Schedule
  • Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Source Code Control
  • Software Development Processes
  • Bug Tracking, Reporting & Management
  • Unit Test Plans
  • Unit Test Cases


Experienced Test architects, analysts and testers will work with you to define the various test deliverables including:

  • System Test Plan
  • Integration Test Plan
  • Regression Test Plan
  • Performance Test Plan
  • Test Results Summary
  • Defect Tracking & Reports
  • System, Integration, and Regression Test Cases


Support including maintenance software releases, issue tracking, handling, and reporting is provided at the same levels as AmberNet's own products. See Support for more details.

Project/Program Management

AmberNet Project/Program Managers hold the key to successful project delivery. They orchestrate the project from start to finish and are passionate about meeting deadlines and budgets. Highly experienced, certified, and using state-of-the-art management tools/templates, Project Managers work with Architects, Business Analysts, Engineers and Testers to define/manage:

  • Project/Program Plans
  • Project/Program Status Reports
  • Project/Program Financials
  • Project/Program Communications
  • Project/Program Risk Management
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Project/Program Delivery