Professional Services

To successfully deliver AmberNet's Product-based solution, AmberNet offers a worldwide Professional Services organization. Its role is to assist customers by providing a flexible portfolio of high-quality services which are enabled through a global network of product and solution delivery experts & professionals armed with a proven Solution Delivery approach.

A Flexible Services Portfolio

AmberNet Professional Services can help our clients deliver its PRODUCT-based solution into production at an accelerated rate and cost-effective manner. This is accomplished by leveraging Professional Services subject matter expertise on Ambernet products and proven solution delivery techniques. Our clients will reduce project risk due to our lessons learned and experience in delivering solutions to multiple customers.

Consulting Services

The Professional Services Group is organized into three service lines.  This enables Professional Services to strengthen the specialized skill development required to support effective delivery of Ambernet solutions. The service lines work together to establish a catalogue of best practices and optimal performance strategies:

Consulting Services

Some customers and partners require specialized subject-matter-expertise to assist with developing business and systems requirements during the Solution Definition phase. Ambernet satisfies these specialized needs with a team of senior, highly specialized product, industry, technology, process and systems development professionals who provide key value-added consulting services available to assist Solution Delivery teams, partners and customers as required predominately during the Solution Definition phase.

uSEP Solution Delivery Services

To assist customers with Solution Delivery, we maintain a staff of highly trained, experienced professionals who are experts in product, industry, technology, systems development, systems integration and program/project management. Services range from business problem identification to solution design, development, implementation, workforce business transformation, data conversion, and rollout into a production operations environment.

uSEP Cartridge Development Center (CDC)

The foundation of each customer solution typically includes reusable software Cartridges developed by AmberNet's CDC. Leveraging pre-developed Cartridges available from the CDC or developing new Cartridges typically reduces the overall costs, risks and timeframes of end-to-end Solution Delivery.

Additional Services

These key service lines are supported by a Professional Services Quality & Program Management function that provides centralized, high-quality processes, templates, tools, management controls and personnel support services. These services enable AmberNet's growing Professional Services organization, and our partners, to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

Additional complementary service lines also exist to supply training and support services as follows:

Training Services

Highly specialized audience tracks have been designed for each of AmberNet's products. These tracks deliver standard user, operator and administrator open training sessions and customized training workshops. In addition, consulting services are available to assist customers in the development of training for the rollout of new business processes, methods & procedures and job aids in conjunction with the new system capabilities.

Support Services

In support of AmberNet's products and customer-specific solutions, we supply a set of comprehensive product and solution support services which provide help desk, support and maintenance services to customers and partners, worldwide, to achieve and sustain the benefits of the new system capability. Successful product and solution support phases will assist in ensuring that the planned business benefits are achieved within both the planned timeframe and budget, as the delivered system capability provides and maintains the service levels required in the service provider's business, keeping the system capabilities current with changes in the customer's business, and network technology environment.

These services enable AmberNet's growing Professional Services organization and our partners to provide the highest quality services to our clients.